Monday, April 6, 2015

Stella's Art Gallery's Artist of the Week, Andrew Jeffries from Painesville, Ohio

Here's our artist of the week. I chose him because his work is quite fitting for the Easter season. He's a smart and talented man. He creates music and 2D art. I will post examples of his work from today through Thursday.
Andrew Jefferies - Block Print Artists

Andrew has been an artist for 45 years and works with many mediums. Block printing, pen and ink drawing and acrylic painting are the primary ways in which he enjoys expressing himself graphically.  He is a musician as well. He believes artwork can be used to offer someone else a message that encourages them or lifts them up. Andrew works for the Koinonia Ministry and the Kairos Prison Ministry in Lake County, Ohio. His artwork is included in messages of encourament to those the ministries supports.

"You can make art! It won't look like mine or anyone else's, but it will be yours. Take hold of that and believe you can create."  -Andrew

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