Monday, April 27, 2015

Get to know Laura Wright Cvelbar, Stella's Art Gallery's Artist of the Week...

Laura Wright Cvelbar - PhotographerLaura has always had art in her blood.  She fell in love with her crayons at age 2 and never looked back.  Laura pursued her love for art at Ursuline College in 1996-2001.  She graduated with her B.A. in Fine Art with Printmaking and Metal-crafting as her specials and dabbed in drawing.  She soon found another love of teaching and pursed substitute teaching and then decided to get cozy with her high school sweetheart and have children.  She is now currently working and teaching art at her local YMCA.  In her spare time she enjoys taking candid pictures that inspire her from common surroundings to God inspirations.  She considers herself as a Christian, Inspired, Dedicated, Energized Mom.


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