Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Janeane Grisez, her journey with Art.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” ~ Pablo Picasso

                As far back as I remember, I have been making art. When I was young, finger painting was one of my first art experiences that I can remember while I was in school. There were so many things I loved about this process including the texture and colors of the paint and especially the feeling of joy that art making provided me. My grandpap picked me up from school each day, and I would proudly present my art to him. Grandpap would say “Oh what do we have here, did you put some Kool-aid on the paper and let the cat lick it up?” and we would giggle together. He would later display my paintings around the house and show them to relatives and friends who came to visit. We did not have a lot of money, so I was always drawing on whatever paper I could find and made my art from other found things, such as scrap pieces of wood that I painted and would then gift to my family and friends. In fact, a couple of years ago, my best friend from Jr. High school found a picture I had drawn her of an elephant for her birthday. She has saved it all these years and still treasures it. I was humbled and fascinated when she told me and I was able to remember creating the drawing, the feelings I had when I created it, as well as the ability I have to create a handmade gift.
Lady of the Night
                                    As a teen, I received art lessons and art therapy. It was there that I began to hone-in on my skills and learn how to use different mediums such as drawing, fiber arts, ceramics and painting, predominately using oils. I painted much through my early adulthood, never considering myself a "real" artist or thinking I could really do anything art related as my profession. I would simply give my art away when I was finished with it. It was during this time I decided to enter the nursing profession, got married and began my family. Always painting along the way and making other things with fabric and yarn. looking back, I realize that my painting helped me cope with so many things in those days and brought beauty to a difficult time in my life. Every piece of art that is created is an extension of the artist, their soul, and my should as I create. 

A Walk in San Francisco
I love the quote from Picasso because it rings true for me. Making art has washed away a lot of dust from my life, and offered me a way to express myself like no other. In case you’re wondering, I have a favorite Picasso painting as well, “The Dream” that hangs in my home. It is significant because through art and my spirituality, I have realized that what’s inside of me counts, my dreams matter and that it’s ok to follow those dreams, which eventually led me to the Art Therapy and Counseling program at Ursuline College. Already a person in the helping profession, I grew tremendously while there in my creative nature, in knowledge of best practices of helping others, and continuing self-care practice through personal creativity.
Mica's Dream, WIP
Mica's Dream

I’m not as fond of oils as I once was. I continue to paint using different mediums, such as acrylic on canvas, silks, and acrylics and/or alcohol ink on wood. I also enjoy mixed-media pieces and fiber arts. I enjoy blending colors, the brightness of the silk paints and watching them spread over the silk, the happy surprises that happen during the process. My art continues to be an extension of my soul, an expression of my spirituality and a way to process feelings. I am inspired daily by the world around me, strong women who have a presence in my life, and the ever-changing cycle of life.  


Flower Child 

Hippie Chick

          Besides teaching classes and providing Art Therapy at Stella’s Art Gallery on our “Therapeutic Thursdays”, I work as an Art Therapist and Counselor at Kortanek Psychological Services Inc. in Beachwood, Ohio. I am also an Art Therapist at the Willoughby Fine Arts Association, where I provide contract services in the Euclid School System working with K-5 children with special needs and Lake/Geauga Recovery Centers Inc. with the adult recovering addictions population. As a therapist in general, I am a container that holds the feelings and pain of others. In that sense, it is important for me to continue my daily practice of self-care through my own personal creativity. It is a message that I convey to my colleagues and clients, as I believe that a daily creative practice is of great benefit to others, whatever the motivation. Making art makes people feel better, even when they thought they did not need to. 

Upcoming events –

The Best Bike Night in Town – May 2nd, May 16th and May 30th.This event is an all Make, Model, Year BIKE show. Fourk will have discounts on bike night participants on both food and drinks. Featured artist from Stella’s Art Gallery And desserts and coffee available at Perkatory Coffeehouse.  I expect all my biker friends will be joining us. Bring your lady (or guy) and see what we have going on at the Matchworks Building! And don’t forget our Car Nights! May17th, 31st, June 28th!
On May 20th, from 1p-4p, you will find me, along with several of the other artists at Atria Assisted Living (Rt-615) in Mentor.
Later that day, I will be teaching a paint night for Recovery Life, a not for profit organization who is attempting to combat drug and alcohol addictions (proceeds will be donated towards recovery housing project.
Our Riverside High School Show remains up until the end of May. Come on over and see the lovely work of a special project done in collaboration with Stella’s Art Gallery and RHS.
We will be celebrating “Peace, Love and Reggae” as Carlos Jones will play June 2nd at the Matchworks Building.    
Size Matters is up next and I will be joining the Stella’s Art Gallery in the June show Size Matters! Juried art show 8x10 and no larger than 11x14 (including frame) and smaller. Reception Friday, June 8th.
Speaking of June, Stella’s art gallery has been gracious in offering to host a paint night for myself and another Stellas’s Artist, in assisting with our effort to reach our goal for providing art therapy materials and expenses for our service learning trip in October. The other artist and myself have been on another such trip before and it has enriched my life to work with others by sharing the arts and myself with others.
Please check out our Art Therapy Services, Stella Camps 2018, Art Clubs and Classes. Stella’s Art Gallery has something for everyone! There, you may find me in my studio, behind the register, providing Art Therapy or teaching a class. I will look forward to meeting you soon 

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