Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BOWL take 2!

On Monday I went back to the studio and trimmed up the bowl I shared last week. Here are more pictures! Still taking color suggestions. SO far the leading suggestion is BLUE. I had a little friend suggest blue and white swirls going counter clockwise. I kinda like that idea! Kids are sooo creative...gotta love 'em! So, tell me, what's your suggestion? Do you agree with Josie or have a totally different idea? There's still time!!!!!


  1. Two main colors. One covers most of the bowl and defines it. A second color, sparingly used, can support the first. A slight frosting of a much lighter color around the lip of the bowl. The main tone, earth colors or not, can be anything, I guess. Just off the top o' my head.

  2. That sounds beautiful! I feel very in touch with earth colors! Thanks Andrew!


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