Friday, March 13, 2015

Words according to Andrew Jeffries, an artist and musician from Mentor, Ohio.

As I develop our art gallery, Stella's Art Gallery in Lake County Ohio, I thought it would be a good idea for the viewers to get to know some of our local artists. I asked our team if they would be willing to share their thoughts. One fine gentleman said ABSOLUTELY...

So here he is...I gladly introduce Andrew Jeffries, a block print artist.

An artist's perspective: Right now making art is all about looking for images that add to
a person's daily experience. And the images we surround ourselves with have a way of helping
to provide a central reference point for our lives, don't they? For example, the good people of Fairport Harbor have made the lighthouses a part of their identity. And there are other buildings
in this area that are very prominent features of our cities. Buildings are sentinels in a city.
They function to provide places of work, worship and entertainment. And just like a favorite wrench in a toolbox or a favorite utensil in a kitchen, they are given identities because we rely on them often.

A series about Lake County buildings seemed to make sense because it shows the world who we are and is a good reminder for us, too.

 - Andrew Jeffries, Block-print Artist

Thank You Andrew!
You can see his Lake County Buildings series at Shoppe in the City in Painesville, Ohio and on our website

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